Architects once met two cats who were brother and sister, We love to design things and we love our cats as well, we also like to create things in both a practical and minimalist way, Therefore, we decided to completely rethink cat products, but how to do so? By enriching the living space of our beloved friends, And creating a brand specifically dedicated to them, To make homes suitable for cats and their humans, And to provide both with a sense of simple and comfortable beauty. 





 Free to extend, a happy relationship between cats and space


 Humans need a warm and safe environment to live in: the same goes for cats. We understood the importance of safety and space for cats in the days we started living with them: they seemed to feel more comfortable and relaxed in a small and narrow space. We believe that when we are sharing a living space, neither cats nor humans should sacrifice anything about their comfort to find a space that can suit both species. Then we started to study the balance between cats and space to create a mini-building suitable for cats. This is how A Cat Thing came to be.






There are four different modules: ROOM, LIVINGROOM, BALCONY and RAMP. Their modular nature makes them easy to assemble. You can create the most suitable structure according to your available space and your cat’s personality. Except being a secret compound to play and rest, this cat house is also part of your interior design. It brings a very natural and warm texture to your living space.






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 Strengthened double-layer cardboard that is designed to be extremely strong, lasting up to 1 year of feline use and 45lbs/20kg payload per module.




 With the patented connectors, the Room Collection is 100% recyclable and easy to assemble. We've combined the principles of origami with patented designs, to create connectors that can hold various modules in a safe and secure way, without the use of any tools. We’ve also avoided complicated instructions to keep the assembly process as easy as possible.




 Creating a 100% recyclable cat house that is sturdy (1 year of feline use and 45lbs/20kg payload) is no easy task. And here we are, making not one, but many, many sturdy cat houses that can be stacked up, and still be eco-friendly. Being 100% recyclable means every component of the Room Collection is made with all natural and biodegradable materials. Reduce, reuse, recycle.



Providing a dynamic playground for your cats doesn’t mean your living area has to be compromised. With our interior design background, we believe that functionality and aesthetics must go hand in hand for optimal living quality. We strive to create a space where humans and their feline counterparts can co-exist in harmony.






 The ingenuity of our design is that each room can perfectly exist alone, but also combined with others. You can use them following in their original intended combination, or adapt to your cats personality, and change again the overall structure as many times as you want depending of taste and available space.





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 Chacha and Lily were born in a small garden in mid Taiwan during the winter of 2015. The brother and sister lost their parents and were found by the neighbors when they were only two months old. After this they stayed in a shelter where we met them before Christmas. We then took Chacha and Lily back to Taipei with us. At first, Lily (the sister) didn’t eat or drink for nearly three days. She curled up in a corner of the bed because she couldn’t take the new environment after her trip North. We took her to the vet, gave her medicine, tried everything we could, but nothing worked. Chacha (the brother), who seemed very worried, stayed next to Lily and had no spirit.

We were so concerned and tried to seek advice from people who had experience with cats. A friend had an idea and told us to give her a cardboard box. We found an old box, just to give it a try. Poor little weak Lily went inside that box by herself. After an hour, she got out and started eating the food we had prepared next to her. The cardboard box saved our Lily! Since then, our family has an everlasting bond with cardboard box!!